Love Fiji

 Nothing for me beats island therapy and it is no secret that my love affair with Fiji has been a long and enduring one.   I’ll fess up to enjoying  the odd  fling or two with another island but it is to my favourite tropical paradise that I am returning  for a week of Fiji time.  Balmy waters, coconut scented delights and cocktails at sunset all cry out for a laid-back beauty approach.  So  this time the trusty ol toolbox is staying at home and pared-down packing and I have just become friends.

My Island Beauty Edit…

Nivea Sunlight Feel Every Day Sun lotion – will be slathering this all over, with it’s featherweight texture and light glow effect, this SPF30 will be my beach-bag staple.  

Nivea After-Sun – after a day of sun and sea your limbs will thank you. Apply generously!!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil – my everything oil – can be trusted to do duty as a night cream, hair oil and general all-round soother for sun-scorched skin. 

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash – a peepers best friend –  great as an all-nighter and even better as a morning after brightener.

Ellie Saab Le Parfum – the perfect island companion, this  jasmine/orange blossom delight packs a punch while still being deliciously feminine. Just been voted Harpers Bazaar Best Day Scent.

Dermalogica Ultra-Sensitive Face Suncreen – with Titanium Dioxide, Vitamins A,C and E, Grapeseed and Green Tea , it calms, covers and protects like no other.  

Face Wipes – for those nights when you want to stay out late or just fall into bed, this hero product is the party-gals best friend. Two swipes and sweet dreams!!

Strobe Cream – perfect on it’s own and even better under foundation, MAC’s best-selling glam moisturiser is chock full of antioxidants and can take skin from dull to radiant in a second.

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation –  would love to embrace bare-face but this is my holy grail all-time fav product. The perfect cover-up on a blaah skin-day and by far the closest thing I have ever got to having perfect skin.  Can’t leave home without it!!!!!

Sneaking in another Armani goodie, Fluid Sheer No. 3 does it all – highlights, bronzes and fakes a golden glow worthy of an A-lister.

Lippie – Just purchased Rouge in Love 159B – although a little bolder than I would normally wear (it’s Emma Watsons fav) it’s rumoured to stay on the lips and off the glass. This could be my latest obsesssion.

Spa Paradiser Sweet Coconut Lip Butter – a Pina Colada in a balm. Smelling of the sweetest coconut,  a dab of this in flight takes me one step closer to paradise. Loloma Fiji.