Love Fiji

 Nothing for me beats island therapy and it is no secret that my love affair with Fiji has been a long and enduring one.   I’ll fess up to enjoying  the odd  fling or two with another island but it is to my favourite tropical paradise that I am returning  for a week of Fiji time.  Balmy waters, coconut scented delights and cocktails at sunset all cry out for a laid-back beauty approach.  So  this time the trusty ol toolbox is staying at home and pared-down packing and I have just become friends.

My Island Beauty Edit…

Nivea Sunlight Feel Every Day Sun lotion – will be slathering this all over, with it’s featherweight texture and light glow effect, this SPF30 will be my beach-bag staple.  

Nivea After-Sun – after a day of sun and sea your limbs will thank you. Apply generously!!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil – my everything oil – can be trusted to do duty as a night cream, hair oil and general all-round soother for sun-scorched skin. 

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash – a peepers best friend –  great as an all-nighter and even better as a morning after brightener.

Ellie Saab Le Parfum – the perfect island companion, this  jasmine/orange blossom delight packs a punch while still being deliciously feminine. Just been voted Harpers Bazaar Best Day Scent.

Dermalogica Ultra-Sensitive Face Suncreen – with Titanium Dioxide, Vitamins A,C and E, Grapeseed and Green Tea , it calms, covers and protects like no other.  

Face Wipes – for those nights when you want to stay out late or just fall into bed, this hero product is the party-gals best friend. Two swipes and sweet dreams!!

Strobe Cream – perfect on it’s own and even better under foundation, MAC’s best-selling glam moisturiser is chock full of antioxidants and can take skin from dull to radiant in a second.

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation –  would love to embrace bare-face but this is my holy grail all-time fav product. The perfect cover-up on a blaah skin-day and by far the closest thing I have ever got to having perfect skin.  Can’t leave home without it!!!!!

Sneaking in another Armani goodie, Fluid Sheer No. 3 does it all – highlights, bronzes and fakes a golden glow worthy of an A-lister.

Lippie – Just purchased Rouge in Love 159B – although a little bolder than I would normally wear (it’s Emma Watsons fav) it’s rumoured to stay on the lips and off the glass. This could be my latest obsesssion.

Spa Paradiser Sweet Coconut Lip Butter – a Pina Colada in a balm. Smelling of the sweetest coconut,  a dab of this in flight takes me one step closer to paradise. Loloma Fiji.


Take a romp through spring…

Couture houses  synonymous with elegance and wealth have been dressing the rich and famous  for decades but for most of us a puff of fragrance will be the only moment we’ll share with some of the world’s most creative. 

Here in the Antipodes our very own New Zealand Fashion Week is underway and in celebration of both fashion and fragrance I hit the beauty counters this week to capture a whiff of spring.

It was love at first spray with… 

Marc Jacobs Dot…  This guy is seriously cool and his latest fragrance, brings his obessesion with this season’s hot dot, to the masses . If you are fan of Lola then you will love the man’s version of a dotty ladybird landing on a flower. The bottle could take centre stage but the fragrance, a  blend of honeysuckle, vanilla, musk and jasmine still remains the star.

L’Eau de Chloe… With it’s soft green trademark bow and light green tint, I spritzed L’Eau de Chloe on a wet and windy morning and it was instant love – light and modern, it took me back to a time of innocence of ages past –  hallelujah to spring.

L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney … Epitomising Brit cool, everything Stella touches turns to gold (we will forgive her the GB Olympic uniform!) and this lily of the valley inspired perfume, dedicated to her late mother Linda, is no exception. Described as like taking a romp through a spring field and arriving much later in a mossy forest, for this writer my journey of the senses lasted throughout the day. My Christmas wish-list just got bigger!!

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake … Paying homage to this Japanese designers runaway “Pleats Please”  success,  this combo of some of my favourite fruits and flowers, nashi, peony, sweet pea, vanilla and patchouli made for me an OMG moment – take a bow Mr Miyake.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia…Loving both gardenia and frangipani in equal amounts, I didn’t need much enticing to wear this for a day.  Add a dollop of berry, pear and brown sugar and spring is looking blooming good.