eyelash extensionsI have been a big fan of the blogging phenonomen for a while now and have flirted with the idea of my own Antipodes based blog but like alot of wannabee writers wonderered if a. I was any good? and b. what would I blog about?  And more to the point is there anyone out there that would want to read it!!????

It was with the visit of my much younger and talented sister from Melbourne, herself a theatre writer and blogger, that mybeautyobsessions became a reality and so it is to Rock that I dedicate my first review.


In just over an hour I am transformed by my fablashes therapist from a genetic lash volume deficit to possessing full and flirty peepers.  And that’s no mean feat, as not being possessed with the largest of eyes, I much prefer au natural to disco queen. Lightwight synthetic lashes are bonded on a ‘lash by lash’ basis to my natural lashes and are definately not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. Allow at least an hour to two for the first treatment and then follow-up infills every 2-3 weeks. My morning make-up routine now just a dab of foundation, blusher and lippie and I’m good to go. The final effect on my 50+ eyes – the closest I can come to winning the lash jackpot!!!

Pros –  My quest  to find the perfect mascara over, no more poking oneself in the eye with said mascara, morning panda eyes gone and an extra 10min lie-in!

Cons – Having to learn not to have a gool ol rub of the eyes first thing in the morning.


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