Damn rosacea

Perfect skin was something that a few of my genetically blessed friends possessed..the rest of us battled through the minefield that constitutes the teenage years, wearing with pride bright blue eyeshadow, enough rouge to look like we were auditioning for the circus and to wipeout the wicked pimples, foundation, foundation and more foundation!!

The more settled thirties and a  pared back approach to beauty then heralded the arrival of the dreaded wrinkle and the beginning of my cosmeceutical obsession. But it was in my late forties while lying back and relishing my good fortune to be enjoying a weekend at a luxury resort, that the rather serious therapist  announced that my lovely red flushed face was in fact rosacea.   Being told to swap wine for water, science for nature and that there was no cure put this beauty obsessive into cyber-space. Google rosacea and sufferers the world over, all sharing and caring, have loads of advice. My quest began with a visit to a derm and a three month prescription of doxy. My skin cleared but make-up free,  still looked like I was having a bad-blusher day!!

And so my decade journey with cosmeceuticals came to an abrupt end and I started navigating  the natural route.

Baby steps…

Changing my cleansing lotion and scrub to comfort zone’sacred nature has made a huge improvement. With  homage to high-end luxury (big tick) this eco-certified Italian spa brand promises protection with results.

Currently in my bathroom…

sacred nature bio-certified cleansing milk.

Smelling like almonds this delicate cleansing milk with buriti oil for antioxidant defence, butterfly bush extract for DNA cellular protection and shea butter and jojoba oils for nourishing, does a splendid job of taking off my makeup and leaving my skin soft and balanced.

Twice-weekly treat…

sacred nature bio-certified gommage

A creamy delicate scrub with jojoba particles – the hardest thing about this is sticking to my twice-weekly date. Instantly smoothing this is the first scrub in a long while  not to leave me red and irritated.

sacred nature

Flirting with….

Trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant+

This cult kiwi-brand product just got better with the addition of super-duper antioxidants.  As I have an oily t-zone are limiting to after dark , both alone and combined with my fav nightcream (more on that later). Early days but the future is looking bright (maybe not the right word for a rosacea sufferer).  Will up-date later.

Trilogy Rosehip



eyelash extensionsI have been a big fan of the blogging phenonomen for a while now and have flirted with the idea of my own Antipodes based blog but like alot of wannabee writers wonderered if a. I was any good? and b. what would I blog about?  And more to the point is there anyone out there that would want to read it!!????

It was with the visit of my much younger and talented sister from Melbourne, herself a theatre writer and blogger, that mybeautyobsessions became a reality and so it is to Rock that I dedicate my first review.


In just over an hour I am transformed by my fablashes therapist from a genetic lash volume deficit to possessing full and flirty peepers.  And that’s no mean feat, as not being possessed with the largest of eyes, I much prefer au natural to disco queen. Lightwight synthetic lashes are bonded on a ‘lash by lash’ basis to my natural lashes and are definately not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. Allow at least an hour to two for the first treatment and then follow-up infills every 2-3 weeks. My morning make-up routine now just a dab of foundation, blusher and lippie and I’m good to go. The final effect on my 50+ eyes – the closest I can come to winning the lash jackpot!!!

Pros –  My quest  to find the perfect mascara over, no more poking oneself in the eye with said mascara, morning panda eyes gone and an extra 10min lie-in!

Cons – Having to learn not to have a gool ol rub of the eyes first thing in the morning.


 I love the start of winter giving me the perfect excuse to snuggle up in front of the fire, light my scented candles,  bring out my favourite cookbooks and temporarily say farewell to my lovely waxer (Yah!!).  But lately I’ve been feeling just a  bit blah  after a dose of the flu and decided the perfect antidote was to find a bit of summer lovin.  So it was with fond memories of beautiful Pacific beaches, scented frangipani and the laid-back “Aloha” feeling, that I entered the sanctuary of Oasis Spa  in my home town. 

My therapist for the day was a trained nurse with over ten years experience in Hawaiian or Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna massage, as it is also known. Able to tailormake a massage to suit the client, she asked the necessary questions and established my main concern was “sleep” or lack of it.

It was onto the warm bed from there. To the soothing sounds of the ocean and the smell of coconut,  I spent the next 90 minutes in Denise’s “loving hands”.    

In the Hawaiian tradition she uses her fingers and  hands, forearms and elbows  in a “rub and roll” technique. Hot stones are placed along the back bringing a sense of warmth and total relaxation.     

You are encouraged throughout to focus on breathing, inhaling fresh breath and exhaling all negative thoughts and tension. The hardest part was staying awake to do this.

 Although this was a pure pleasure treatment  it also promised the release of stress and tension, bringing the body back into balance. She focused on parts that were sore and with the addition of Reiki, a hands-on treatment to promote self-healing, managed to gently knead and soften  some pretty big knots.    

Virgin Coconut Oil is used throughout the treatment and while hydrating and soothing my parched winter skin instantly, the best part was that it  remained that way for days.

I floated out of Oasis, body and mind calmed and slept that night like a baby. Roll on summer!

Lomi Lomi Massage

A few of my favourite things

Like a lot of good ideas this one came about over a nice bottle of wine and plenty of wit and wisdom shared between four friends. After working for a wonderful non-profit organisation for six years I had decided it was time for a change. The idea of a summer spent by the pool appealed but aside from the fact that I would have to share space with offspring and friends and the very real threat of melanoma I knew my holiday was but a temporary one.

What were some of my favourite things? Aside from my family and friends, in no particular order, a list was underway. Magazines – from my first subscription at a tender age, a lifetime love. My first lipgloss purchase – the beginning of an infatuation, and with love from mum, the skill to tell a story.

And so from a weekend in Wellington and a push from friends my writing career was born. I can’t promise to change lives but I hope to keep you up to date with the constantly changing, but always fascinating world of beauty.


Princess Tina Magazine beauty blog

My first obsession – Princess Tina Magazine.